NICOLE JOHNSON – director/producer

Nicole Javanna Johnson is a graduate of NYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Management & Production in the Arts. Nicole is also Founder & Creative Director of Javanna Productions, a non-profit registered 501c3 arts and education company with active members of all ages world wide. Javanna Productions provides artists with the resources, funding and platforms that are needed to produce socially responsible artistic films, shows, galleries, programs, events and fundraisers. Annually, Javanna Productions presents a community driven effort entitled M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment). In this assembly, members are encouraged to produce artistic pieces and events (films, visual art, performance art, music, spoken word, classes, workshops) that raise funds and awareness for a variety of social issues, causes and non-profit advocacy programs. 

Members of Javanna Productions can participate in after school learning, summer learning, traveling tours and pop up events with the organization year round following an individualized curriculum designed specifically for each member. According to their strengths and artistic discipline, young members are grouped with older members (industry professionals) in organizational community service efforts and productions. Javanna Productions’ intergenerational mission creates informal classroom experiences that bring families in the community together for the advocacy and support of social causes. In the past, Javanna Productions has worked to advocate for causes such as Autism, Celiac Disease, Cancer research, education in rural parts of the world, HIV/AIDS awareness, suicide prevention and anti-substance abuse. 

Javanna Productions also owns subsidiaries that fund the non-profit ventures of the organization including a marketing company (M.O.V.E. Agency), a radio program (M.O.V.E. Radio) and a publicly funded web channel (MOViEs Web Channel). 

Nicole is a youth delegate of the United Nations and has worked for international education efforts in Ghana, Uganda and Cambodia. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in education policy at Nova South Eastern University and seeks to become a public servant in every community she visits. Javanna Productions currently has 8 national chapters and 8 international chapters with studio space in Utah and New York. 

Nicole is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the Actors Equity Association. Her performing. credits include HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Papermill’s The Little Mermaid and NY productions of A Chorus Line, Into the Woods and Bye Bye Birdie. Nicole has produced TV and web media for youth and produces 5-10 live productions for young artists yearly through Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. 

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